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Ribera is a small place in the province of Agrigento with interesting sights and wonderful opportunities for tourists. The place is famous for its oranges, strawberries, the Church of the Virgin of the 18th century and the building of the Town Council of the 19th century. Franchesco Crispi, a famous Italian politician, was born in Ribera at the end of the 19th century. His museum is opened there nowadays. Also agrotourism is being quickly developed in the vicinity of Ribera.

Ribera is situated in the picturesque place between the Verdura and Magazzolo valleys on the plateau which is known as “St. Nick’s Field”. The name Ribera which is Spanish, not Italian, has come from its founder Luigi Moncada. This famous Sicilian gave this name to the place to commemorate the name of his wife Maria di Ribera.

The environment of Ribera is famous for its sights. You will enjoy travelling round there. Monte Sara Park is situated near Ribera. High Mediterranean pine-trees, eucalyptus trees and dwarf palm – these are trees that grow on the territory of some hectares. The park is famous for its panoramas. Tourists can have a nice rest there: in Monte Sara there are specially equipped places for picnics where you can cook barbecue. There are some natural springs of fresh water as well.
Some kilometers away from Ribera the ruins of Poggio Diana Castle of the 14th century are situated. The tower of the castle has been very well kept and is still a symbol of Ribera. It is immortalized in its coat of arms.

The sea coast is about 6 km from Ribera. There are lots of villas and houses for tourists there. The average cost of a cottage 3* for four people per week is 300-400 Euro.

The most famous resort near Ribera is Borgo Bonsignore. It is 5 km away to the south-east from Ribera. It was founded by the fascists who wanted to colonize the coast. Nowadays Borgo Bonsignore is one of the biggest resorts of Agrigento. The beaches of Borgo Bonsignore stretch for 4 km to the south. Behind them there is a territory of the National Park at the Platini River which is protected by the World Nature Foundation.

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