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Modica is a medieval centre of Sicily, one of the most popular cities in the region of Val di Noto in Ragusa province. UNESCO considers Modica to be a part of the World Cultural Heritage. Modica is situated in the province of Ragusa near the Iblea Mountains. The streets of Modica run up and down the steep slopes and across the valleys. Modica can be divided into the Upper Part (Modica Alta) and the Lower Part (Modica Bassa). Modica is built, as everybody can guess, in the baroque style.

The history of the city began in the epoch of Ancient Greece, but there are some evidences that people had lived there earlier in the epoch of the Stone Age. The Greek settlement was founded in 1000 B.C. Then came the Romans, the Arabs and later the Normans appeared there. At the end of the 13th century Modica became one of the most important trade and cultural centers of Sicily, the capital of the great county where the areas of the south-eastern part of the island were united. At the end of the 17th century the city was built but the earthquake ruined the old part of Modica completely and later the new baroque Modica appeared.

Modica is known as a city of 100 bells and 100 churches. It is often called “Sicilian Venice” because of a great number of arched bridges across the rivers Ianni Mauro and Pozzo dei Pruni. But nowadays the beds of these rivers are not seen, they are covered for the safety of the city. There was a great flood in Modica in the beginning of the 20th century and now people can enjoy looking at the rivers only at the centre of the city on Corso Umberto Street.

Buildings in the baroque style are situated both in Modica Alta and Modica Bassa. The central cathedral of the city is known as the St. George’s Cathedral and is situated in Modica Alta. The St. George’s Cathedral is a wonderful building with 250 footsteps. There are three levels of the building, the belfry at the top, the magnificently decorated facade and the inner part of the temple. The walls of the St. George’s Cathedral were painted by Jirolamo Aliprandi, who is known as the Sicilian Rafael.

Modica Alta is also famous for its Castle, which is the highest building in the city. In the past it was the residence of the Counts of Modica. It was ruined by earthquake but in the 18th century the ruins became the foundation of the modern Castle with a huge clock. While going along the road to the Castle you can enjoy the best panorama of Sicily.

The second main cathedral is situated in Modica Bassa. It is called the St. Peter’s Cathedral. There is a bell tower of 50 km high and the facade with the statues of 12 Apostles.

As other places in Sicily Modica is famous for its own unique dishes, holidays and souvenirs. The kind of local cheese called caciocavallo is famous all over the island. What concerns holidays the most interesting is the Easter Week. At that time a noisy ritual procession is organized there that is called “A Maronna Vasa Vasa”.

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