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Segesta can be called a place of antiquity. In the past Segesta was a Greek colony, some of the monuments and buildings of that period have been kept till nowadays. There are two most interesting sights there, thanks to which most of the tourist routes of Western Sicily lie through Segesta. They are an ancient Greek temple and an amphitheatre. One more reason to visit Segesta is its picturesque vicinities and a wonderful view of the Sicilian coast.

The temple in Segesta is one of the brightest examples of the Hellenic culture, which has remained in Sicily till nowadays. The temple makes great impression on tourists. It is 2500 years old and to everybody’s delight it is in a very good condition. If, for example, the old Greek buildings in the Valley of Temples near Agrigento look really ramshackle, because they are very old, the temple in Segesta looks magnificent. All its 36 pillars look like new ones. It seems to us that the workers have just finished their work and are smoking and having a rest now.

The amphitheatre in Segesta is not so popular as the temple. But this building is also worth examining. The seats for the spectators are on the hill which is named Monte Barbaro that means in Italian the Mountain of the Barbarians. But barbarians are not often mentioned there. More often you will hear a story about the fact that the part of the amphitheatre was cut out in the cliff in the past. The most important is the fact that the amphitheatre in Segesta is not a dead sight for tourists but is still used as a living theatre. Each summer the performances are staged there and modern actors and actresses play on its stage in classical Greek dramas and comedies.

Besides the ancient rarities there are buildings in Segesta of the early Medieval time. In the past the Northern liked the beneficial location of Segesta and made a settlement there. There are ruins of the Northern fortress on the territory of the archaeological reservation.

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