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Lipari Islands

The Lipari Islands are situated near the north-east coast of Sicily. The other name is the Aeolian archipelago which was given to that place by the Ancient Greeks because they believed that the God of Winds called Aeol lived there. The archipelago consists of 6 main islands: Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Stromboli, Panarea and Vulcano. All of them are of volcano origin, famous for their picturesque landscapes and very popular among thousands of tourists, yachtsmen and divers who prefer to spend holidays there.

It is understandable that Lipari is the greatest island of all. Most of the tourists would like to see the famous beaches of Lipari. Ponente and Marina Lunga are the most famous beaches among them. Lipari is the name of the main place on the island as well. It is a small town with lots of interesting things which belonged to the ancient Greeks and the Normans in the past. They are the churches of Anime del Purgatorio, San Antonio, Addolorata and the ruins of the Necropolis of the ancient Greeks and Romans. You should certainly visit the picturesque ruins of the Lipari Castle, which in the Middle Ages belonged to the Romans, then to the Normans and even to the pirates. Lipari Island is the most popular place for summer holidays of the Aeolian archipelago. If you want to spend your holidays on Lipari, you should book accommodation in advance because in summer all the hotels are occupied.

The second after Lipari island in the Aeolian archipelago is Salina. It is a place of vineyards and olive groves. The separation of Salina from the other world, its traditional Italian landscapes and two mountain peaks make it especially attractive. Salina is famous for its one of the best in Sicily kinds of wine called Malvazia. Three small settlements of the island Santa Marina, Rinella and Malfa are of great historical value because they have not changed for the last 200 years.

The Isle of Volcano acquired its name thanks to the volcanic activity on its territory. Its landscapes were formed with the help of the active volcano. There are two extinct craters on the isle. Despite the fact that the activity of the volcano was noticed for the last time on the isle in the 19th century, the consequences of it can still be observed now. The vivid example of it is the so-called “boiling sea”, a phenomenon in which gas breaks out from the splits in the sea bottom. “The boiling sea” on the Isle of Volcano is used nowadays with medicinal purposes. To spend holidays on the Isle of Volcano means to lie in the sun on the beaches with quartz sand, to visit a neglected lighthouse and to walk watching the beauty of the Isle.

Stromboli is better to seen from the board of a yacht. Walking there can be rather dangerous because there are still some active craters along the perimeter of the Isle. Nevertheless, people live there and even spend holidays. Stromboli is very popular among the divers.

Alicudi can be called “a desert island” of the archipelago. Only 150 people live there. It is known that the ancient settlement was there near the port. The first people came to Alicudi in 1600 B.C. Filicudi is a picturesque island with lots of cliffs, grottoes and a small charming port. Panarea is a narrow piece of land of 2km long. There are the ruins of villas with whimsical mosaic which were built in the Time of the Ancient Rome.

It is necessary to add that the most convenient way to get to the Lipari Islands is by sea. You should board a ship in the port of Millazzo. You can get to the archipelago from Messina as well.


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