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Marines of the Sicily Western Coast

Marina San Vito lo Capo. Its coordinates are 38°10.84’N, 12°44.23’E. The marine is situated in the western part of the famous resort. If you visit San Vito lo Capo you will have an opportunity to see wonderful landscapes and clean sandy beaches. Moreover, Marina San Vito lo Capo is considered to be one of the most comfortable and secure moorages in Sicily. The maximum number of yachts is 400. The maximum length of a yacht is 30 m. Tel. (+34)923 972 999.

Marina Trapani. Its coordinates are 38°0.7’N, 12°30.5’E. The number of yachts is 200. It has all standard options of any port including separate rooms for living, a restaurant, a bank, etc. The maximum length of a yacht is 30m. Tel. (+39)923 28 900.

The second marina in Trapani is called Boat Service Trapani. Its coordinates are 38°o.39’N, 12°30.03’E. This moorage is not very large, only for 130 yachts. But there you can get all kinds of service including diagnostics and repairing. The list of services also includes a powerful elevator and a petrol station, a sporting ground, a medical centre, a car hiring centre. The maximum length of a yacht is 35m. Tel. (+39) 923 29 240.

Marina Marsala. Its coordinates are 37°47.3’N, 12°26.3’E. It is a small moorage in the south-western part of the capital of a famous wine-making region, which is also called Marsala. The marine can take 200 yachts. There is a great service of ship repairing. Marina Marsala has got a shipyard, an elevator (130t) and a service centre. The maximum length of a yacht is 20 m. Tel (+39)923 952 042.

Marina Mazara del Vallo. Its coordinates are 37°39’N, 12°35’E. It can accept 110 yachts. The maximum length of a yacht should not be more than 40m.The marine is situated in the centre of the port It is not the best way of mooring, because Mazara del Vallo is the largest fishing centre in Italy and its moorage is always engaged. In Marina Mazara del Vallo there is a repairing centre and standard services for everyday life. Tel. (+39)923 946 388.


3 millions of Eur–ĺ for archaeological parks in Sicily
Italian government had made a decision to spend 3 mln of Eur for support of archaeological parks in Sicily.
New cruise will be launched in Messina
It will be the first of such a kind of project for Top Cruises in Sicily. Messina will be the ‚Äútest ground‚ÄĚ where company plans on checking the effectiveness for Sicily‚Äôs ports to use them for launching other cruises