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Supermarkets of Sicily

Supermarkets on Sicily half a century ago were of relative rarity. Sicilian way of organizing trade at that time was a model of rampant conservatism. However, many Sicilians even now prefer small private shops to supermarkets, even if small shops trade in a narrow range of goods such as bread, shoes, or cigars. However, global changes in world trade have not been spared in Sicily. Today there are supermarkets everywhere, not only in big cities, in most resorts and even in the rural hinterlands.

Supermarkets on Sicily are an easy way to quickly and inexpensively make a purchase. Clothing, footwear and accessories that are among the most valued Italian goods are represented in all their diversity in the supermarkets of Sicily. They can also find a huge selection of various Sicilian gastronomy goods: from sword fish to Marsala wine and manually pressed olive oil.

As it seen, the range is often same as in elite boutiques, but the price is much less. Most of the supermarkets and discount centers are located in the suburbs. This also applies to the largest shopping complex on Sicily - Etnapolis hypermarket. Etnapolis is located in the vicinity of Catania, in the town of Valkorrente. Also, in a suburb near the airport of Catania is located another giant shopping center - the famous French hypermarket retailer Auchan. By the way, this is not the only Auchan hypermarket on Sicily. Another center of this network can be found in Syracuse. Local shopping center is called Auchan Belvedere Syracuse. Those who travel to the countryside of Sicily could come to a supermarket in the town of Assoro, Province of Enna. Supermarket in Assoro is convenient because it is located almost in the center of the island.

On Sicily you can also find the analogue of the famous Scandinavian furniture online supermarket IKEA. Sicilian version is called Ceidea. Ciedea supermarket is located in the province of Trapani, in the town of Castelvetrano, near the high-speed Palermo-Matstsaro del Vallo motorway.

Supermarkets of Palermo, as it should be in the trading centers of the capital of the island have big size, good quality and convenient location. Among the most famous is worth mentioning the Brucato at Via Maravigna Generale Pietro, discount center on Via Re Federico and Grandi Magazzini Smal in the city center located on the main shopping street of Palermo Via Roma.

Commercial zones are traditional for Sicily and are created on the principle of one large retail space. They are located in the industrial suburbs of the large cities. Thus, for Catania such a shopping area is the area of Misterbianco, and, for example, for Modica is Modica Sarda.

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