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Sicily: tourist’s tips

Money. The only currency that is valid on Sicily is euro. Tourist can withdraw from ATMs of the island only euros. Virtually all systems of credit cards are accepted on Sicily. Big cities do not promise problems with withdrawal of money from the account. However, in the little towns it is often difficult to find an ATM. Do not forget cash, if you go for a long journey on Sicily. All the ATMs in Sicily work with the PIN-codes of four figures.

Prices. Prices on Sicily are one of the lowest in Italy. This is due to the fact that the traditionally agrarian Sicily is the poorest region of the country. A cup of coffee will cost you less than 1 Euro. If you intend to rent an accommodation in the private sector and eat at least half of your vacation by yourself, then you can safely assume a cost of 400 Euros per month (excluding housing costs). Prices for accommodation on Sicily are also very democratic. If you prefer a hotel, you can count on the price from 40 Euros per day (3*). If you intend to vacation on Sicily in a private apartment or villa, there the cost starts from 150 euros, but this time per week. To independently select and order the house on Sicily on the internet you can here.

Where to go for shopping on Sicily? When it comes to food, it is best to buy products on the markets. Here is a wide choice of fresh fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits and Sicilian sweets. Markets on Sicily are almost in every town and city. However, in small towns of Sicily markets are open only once a week, usually on Thursday or Friday. In large cities such as Palermo or Catania, markets work throughout the week. Some of them even became the Sicilian tourist attraction. More information on markets in Palermo - here. More information on markets in Catania - here. As for clothing, shoes, etc., it is better to make such purchases in special commercial areas with a lot of shops. They are located in every major city of the island. More information about shopping on Sicily can be found here.

Driving on Sicily. Driving on Sicily is an art. The mass of narrow streets in towns and the southern Sicilian temperament is added to an already "spicy" atmosphere of the island. On Sicily there are several freeways, which actually ring the island. Driving on them is definitely pleasing. More details about the roads of Sicily - here. The most difficult test for the driver on Sicily is a journey through the small towns. One-way streets are the main feature of all the Sicilian cities. Therefore, there is always the risk to spend half an hour in a convoy led by a shepherd who marches leisurely with his herd or a slow driver of Fiat Panda. Guide signs on Sicily repeat pan-Italian tradition - one of their intersections may have up to fifty signs. Another feature is that the trucks on Sicily almost never give way.

Safety on Sicily. Carry your cameras, notebooks and bags with you. Do not leave them in the car. Sicily is hospitable, but it is better “to prevent than to treat”. Pickpocketing is not frequent, but it does happen, however, as in all big resorts. In general, if you do not lose your head you will not lose their property.

Phones of the National Rescue Services:

- Fire brigade - 115
- Police (Carabinieri) - 112
- Ambulance - 118
- Car service - 116
- Water rescue service - 1530

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