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Ports of Sicily

Ports of Sicily have played an important role in the life of this Italian region for the past two millennia. The island can’t live in another way. Even today, with the development of aviation port cities have not lost their importance and are major terminals for transportation of cargos and receiving / departure of passengers.

The largest ports on Sicily are the largest cities of the island. Messina, Palermo, Trapani and Catania - they are all capitals of the Sicilian provinces. Marine exotic is shown here in full: the rows of masts, cheerful hubbub of fish markets and loud swearing of longshoremen. How can it be without it?

Today, one of the easiest ways to get to Sicily is to use a ferry. At the same time "use a ferry" don’t always necessarily mean to buy a ticket. For example, if you are traveling to Italy by train, your train will be simply loaded on the ferry. If it happens at night there is a chance that you will not even notice it. Because is just five kilometers from the mainland of Italy to the nearest port on Sicily - Messina.

In recent years travel by ferry from Civitavecchia (near the port of Rome) to Sicily has gained increasing popularity. The cost of the ticket in this case may be cheaper than the cheapest flight. A major plus is a possibility of leisurely enjoying the Italian coast during the entire route.

Tourism, which on Sicily brings the lion's share of income, is not an exception in the case of ports. Every day the moorings receive hundreds of yachts and cruise liners. It is easy to guess that Sicily is one of the mandatory items in the itinerary of most cruises on the Mediterranean.

Each year ports of Sicily face more difficulties in coping with the increasing inflow of tourists. Therefore, in the near future the authorities are going to alleviate the burden and build a new port. It will serve only tourist boats. The port will be located near the town of Licata in the province of Agrigento. It will be able to simultaneously receive up to fifteen hundred yachts. Here will opened large shopping centers, beach volleyball grounds, restaurants and beauty salons. Licata promises to become the largest tourist port of the Mediterranean Sea. The total project cost is estimated at approximately 120 million Euros.


3 millions of Eurо for archaeological parks in Sicily
Italian government had made a decision to spend 3 mln of Eur for support of archaeological parks in Sicily.
New cruise will be launched in Messina
It will be the first of such a kind of project for Top Cruises in Sicily. Messina will be the “test ground” where company plans on checking the effectiveness for Sicily’s ports to use them for launching other cruises