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The Nebrodi Park

The Nebrodi Park is the newest park on Sicily. It was founded in 1993 and nowadays is one of the largest national parks on the island. The territory of the forests of the Nebrodi Park is about 5000 hectares. The most famous part of it is called “Bosco di Malabotta”. This park is situated at the borderline between two provinces: Catalania and Messina. Tourists can have rest which is different from the rest in the other places of Sicily: Nebrodi is far away from the sea and noisy resorts, but among the old forests and near the shores of the pure lakes. The Nebrodi Park is one of the wildest parks on the island. Its roads are good for jeeps. Its virgin nature is good for tracking and bike-tours. There are hundreds of different kinds of plants and animals there. Its groves of stony oaks are famous far away from the park.

The Nebrodi Park is famous for its wonderful landscapes. The Nebrodi Mountains are their main part. The most picturesque peaks are Monte Soro (1847 m) and Rocche del Crasto (1315m). The lakes in the mountains are calm and beautiful. There are two small lakes between Monte Soro and Monte Scafi mountains surrounded by the beech woods. They are called Lago Maulazzo and Lago Biviere. Lago Maurazzo is an artificial lake. Its area is about 5 hectares and it is located near the Solazzo Berge beech wood. The lake Biviere is situated 5 km from the lake Maulazzo. It is a natural lake and it is very popular among the tourists, especially, during holidays and weekends. Such an interesting place as Castello dell’Impallaccionata is also worth mentioning. It is a big mansion decorated with rubblework.

At the border line of the Nebrodi Park there are also some interesting places. Randazzo (70km to the north-west of Catania) is famous for its tasty kinds of cheese. Near Rondazzo there is a former Royal Residence called Palazzo Scola. It was built in the 12th century. A small place of Maniacche is famous for its Castle which belonged to the legendary admiral Horatio Nelson.

It is easier to get to the national park from Palermo and Messina. The most convenient highway is A20 Palermo-Messina. You can go by railway, an express train Palermo-Messina will take you to the stations of Capo D’Orlando or Sant’Agata di Militello.

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