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Sicily Nature parks and Reserves

The nature of Sicily unveils its entire splendor in the national parks and nature reserves of the island. Zingaro, Vendicari and Madonie Park – these are the names of the most famous Sicilian natural protected areas. Herewith Sicilian reserves are characterized not only by flora and fauna abundance but also by the numerous architectural monuments of the past: the ruins of ancient Greek temples and debris of the Norman fortresses. Annually Sicilian reserves are visited by dozens thousands of tourists.

The first among the nature reserves on Sicily is considered to be Zingaro in the province of Trapani. Zingaro is a picturesque coastline with high rocky walls, caves and grots in the eastern part of the Bay of Castellamare del Golfo. The beginning of Zingaro is the merit of nature protectors’ actions. In the 70’s of the 20th century the “greens” convinced the authorities to abandon the idea of building a highway and preserved the integrity of the unique ecosphere. Today only walking on foot is allowed in Zingaro.

Vendicari is another splendid example of wild nature located on the south coast of the island in the Ragusa province. It is an absolutely wild area of Sicily where the traces of human activity are almost absent. The base of its landscape is sandy dunes stretched along the coast for some kilometers. It is not allowed to swim or sail and fish in the waters of Vendicari.

Madonie Park (Parco delle Madonie) is the second reserve founded in Sicily. It is located in the province of Messina to the south of Cefalu. Madonie Park includes mainly areas along the mountain chain of the same name. Besides picturesque tops, rangy meadows, waterfalls, subtropical dense forests, abundant flora and fauna this reserve is also famous for unique ethnographic ensemble. Not only nature is preserved here but the original Sicilian traditions as well. They include cuisine, wine and all feasts both religious and public.

Numerous isles of Sicily are of great concern of ecologists too. The protected areas are declared Filicudi Isles in the Aeolian archipelago and Marettimo in the Egadi archipelago.

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