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Castles in Caltanissetta

There are some castles in Caltanissetta which look like fortresses and are situated along the coast. The citizens of the province had to protect themselves from different invaders and pirates in the Middle Ages. That is why besides the traditional fortresses there are also watch-towers which were built by the citizens as defensive positions. Manfria Watch-Tower is one of them in the vicinity of Gela.

Falconara Castle near Butera is considered to be the most beautiful castle of Cattanissetta. It is situated at the top of the picturesque cliff over the sea coast near a large beach. Falconara Castle has its own lucky fortune. Most of the castles on Sicily have become dilapidated since the time they were built. But what concerns Falconara everything has happened vice versa. There was a simple watch-tower at the place of Falconara in the 14th century. It has been rebuilt and different extensions and outhouses have been added for 5 centuries and Falconara has become a real citadel. The last alteration was made by a German count George Wilding who was the owner of Falconara at the end of the 19th century. That time the part of the building with a refined terrace was added on the very brink of the cliff. Some furniture and parts of decoration of the rooms have been preserved in the castle of Butera since then. Nowadays we can imagine the life of local dignitaries of that time. Moreover, it is possible even to stay there. There is a 4*hotel on the territory of Falconara.

Mussomeli Castle is famous in Sicily as the most impregnable. It is a very honorable title taking into account that there are 200 fortresses and castles in Sicily. Mussomeli is situated in the north-western part of Caltanissetta. It was built by the King Manfred the Third on the place of the Arabian watch-tower. The castle had belonged to many people for centuries before it was bought by one of the members of the Royal family at the beginning of the 20th century. Many of its rooms were restored. Nowadays tourists can walk along the corridors of the castle and see some of the presence-chambers. The most interesting of which is the Baron’s Hall, where the Baron’s Assemblies were held.

There is a small castle in Gela, which is known as Castelluccio, it means “a little castle”. It is situated on the top of the Cliff Tower and looks formidable and didactic over the tiled roofs of a tiny insular settlement.

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