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Sightseeings of Sicily

Any tour around Sicily always includes more than you expect from it. Even such well-known sights like Valley of the Temples or Greek ruins in Syracuse will impress you every time you visit it.

It is impossible to find a province on Sicily that has no sights at all. For example, Caltanissetta is considered to be the poorest in monuments region. However, passing by the fields and the hills of the province, its olive groves, vineyards and small villages, where there are many thousand-year churches, you will understand that Sicily has no places without sights. But at the same time there are many places in Sicily the beauty of which is underestimated.

However, there are no overestimated places on Sicily as well. It is rather difficult to embellish the beauty of the temples of Akragras at sunset. The harmony of nature and skills of ancient architects will impress everybody. On the whole, it is impossible to concentrate attention only on one object in Sicily. The tour only around the cities of Val di Noto region with its legendary Baroque style will take a curious tourist at least two weeks.

In any case the majority of Sicilian sights (except for a few cities of Val di Noto region and Villa del Casale in Piazza Armenina) are located not far from the coast. So, if you choose Palermo as a starting point of your trip and move further to the West from the capital of Sicily, then your sights route will be the next:

Palermo (PA) – Monreale (PA) – Calatafimi-Segesta (TR) – Castellammare del Golfo (TR) – Scopello (TR) – San Vito Lo Capo (TR) – Erice (TR) – Trapani – (TR) – Mozia (TR) – Marsala (TR) – Mazara del Vallo (TR) – Sciacca (AG) – Agrigento (AG) – Licata (AG) – Piazza Armenina (EN) – Caltagirone (CT) – Mitello in Val di Catania (CT) – Ragusa (RG) – Modica (RG) – Scigli (RG) – Noto (SR) - Palazzolo-Acreide (SR)– Syracusa (SR)– Catania (CT)– Acireale (CT) – Etna (CT)– Taormina (ME)– Messina (ME) – Milazzo (ME) – Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME) - Castelbuono (PA)– Cefalù (PA) – Pizza Carbonara (PA) – Termini Imerese (PA) – Corleone (PA) – Palermo(PA).


PA – Palermo Province
TR – Trapani Province
AG – Agrigento Province
EN – Etna Province
CT – Catania Province
RG – Siracusa Province
ME – Messina Province

This route includes only the most famous tourist destinations in Sicily, but, of course, it is rather subjective to a great extent. However, we believe that the element of surprise should exist in everything. Only in this case your trip on Sicily will be really exciting.

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