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Castles of Enna

In the province of Enna are located Norman castles of the 11-12th centuries, citadels and fortresses of the later period of time. The most interesting sights are places with museums on their territories.

The most famous castle of the province of Enna is considered to be the fortress built by the Normans near Sperling. It is situated in the north of the province near the border between Anna and Palermo. The castle was built in 1082. The name “Sperling” came from the Latin “spelunca” that means a deep gloomy cave. The castle is situated on a high cliff, which itself is a part of the castle wall. Different buildings such as stables, prison and granary were at different levels. A lot of rooms, the gates, the walls and the bridge are well preserved nowadays. The castle has the status of a National Monument.

Lombardia Castle in the capital of the province dates back to the epoch when the Spanish Crown was in power on Sicily. It is also called “the castle in the castle” because the original fortress had been built by the Spanish Emperor Frederick the Second and later it was finished by his successor Frederick the Third. The latter, by the way, made the Lombardy Castle his residence. Today tourists can observe the remains of some towers, a small church and the so-called Emperor’s Block there.

The Castle in Gagliano, which is also called Gagliano Castelferrato, was built in the 11th century on a giant La Rocca cliff over the houses of the town 650m above the sea level. In the past the castle belonged to several wealthy noble families. The Emperor Frederick the Second chose this castle to be his favorite place to have rest and to soothe his feelings and thoughts. Besides its architecture the castle is famous for the magnificent view of the town, which opens from there.

The Gresti Castle in Valguarnera Caropepe is situated on the top of the hill in the vicinity of a small village. Nobody knows when it was built. The Normans who came there in the 11th century didn’t build it, they made only alterations there. So the date of its building is unknown. It might be built by the Byzantines or even the Romans. Among the fortifications the tower of 36m high is the best preserved. There are spiral staircases to the top of the tower. On the whole the Gresti Castle is not a castle but just the picturesque ruins of the past.

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